Atem. is a performative ’setting‘ that sees the breath as an essential, everyday ritual, both individual and collective. How is the physical and psychological shortage of air while breathing related to individual, as well as social and geopolitical crises? And how is breathing also subject to the benefits of a hypercapitalized culture?

excerpt of the performance documentation*: Atem. 17/01/2020, GOLD+BETON, Cologne / Performance Concept, Text, Voice: Olga Holzschuh / Performer: Brigitte Vargas Huezo Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo / Costume: Charlotte Werth (Design), Olga Holzschuh / Sound Edit: Florian Windel / Photo: Silviu Guiman / Layout: Anky Brandt, Olga Holzschuh / Content: PANTHEON PHANTASMA DEPENDANCE / *you can ask me for the full version
Inhale, Performance-Breath, filled at 17/1/20 for 2,50Euro